Related Sites

Caterpillars of Pacific Northwest Forests and Woodlands

Keys, images, and information on caterpillars of moths and butterflies found in Pacific Northwest forests and woodlands.

North American Moth Photographers Group

A large site that is devoted to the identification and distribution of moths. Photographs of almost every moth species known to occur in North America.

Butterflies and Moths of North America

A citizen-scientist site with photos and distribution maps for North American species of moths and butterflies. A valuable resource for K-12 educators, curious naturalists, and professional lepidopterists.

The Moths of Canada

Outstanding images of moth species occurring in Canada. Searchable by province.

Pacific Northwest Defoliators

Specializing in leafrolling moths in the family Tortricidae, this site provides an excellent introduction to the more common leaf-rolling pest species in the region.

National Moth Week

Sponsors an annual week of searching for and reporting the occurrences of moths throughout the country. Provides a great deal of information for those interested in moths.

Images of North American Moth Species

A compendium of images and information from other sites. Maintained by John Snyder at Furman University.


Features identification tips, information, and photographs of insects and other arthropods in the United States and Canada. This site has a tremendous amount of interactive information.

E. H. Strickland Entomological Museum, University of Alberta

Photographs and descriptive species accounts of insects and other arthropods in the Strickland Collection at the University of Alberta

Barcode of Life Database

DNA barcode data for fungi, plants, and animals, including insects and other arthropods, from around the world. Provides images of specimens and information on their sites of collection.

The Lepidopterists' Society

An international organization dedicated to the study of butterflies and moths.